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My Story

I Have always been open to new fitness approaches and tried many workouts over the years. I have tried weights, swimming, boxing and cycling. I have always had a bike and I have been in to mountain bikes since the late 80’s when I had my first 15 speed sis bike. I get a thrill from hitting the trails and taking that little risk that comes with mountain biking. I have recently got my youngest son in to Mountain Biking and we love sharing this time together.

Due to problems with fitness I have had to Give up Many of my workouts which has lead to high weight gain. I am now hitting the trails again and I hope to use this as a new start.

Rocky’s Boxing Club I am third from the left in the back row.

I love stripping down bikes and upgrading components to get better performance. I am a techy type of person so I am not afraid to strip and fix bikes. I love to see what works and what does not work.

This is me with Former world champion Ricky Hatton after he took us for a training session at Rocky’s boxing club Rochester.

I have spent my life in a variety of roles and I love change. I started life as a chef and at 19 I had already run 3 small local restaurants. after this I moved on and did many manual jobs which helped me understand people. I then moved in to IT first from a sales perspective and then I got the nerd bug and started ripping the machines apart and before long I was a field engineer in hardware support.

One day when visiting a client and fixing a his PC an odd thing happened. This Guy was Ian Hutchinson of Hutchinson Motorsport Design which was a company that specialised in motorsport livery and team design. Hutchinson was impressed with my technical skills and he explained that the company was expanding in to airside branding of Heathrow, Stansted, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen aiports on behalf of HSBC and the Partners for London. He offered me a position as IT manager and I jumped at the opportunity. Whilst working for Hucthinson I developed my design skills and worked on projects for Mild Seven/Renault Formula 1, Chevrolet BTCC, Ray Mallock, BAA and many other high brow companies. I knew then that I wanted to get in to graphic design, so I did. I moved on in 2004 to ESP technologies in Maidstone who are a super wide print supplier who serve the whole of the UK. I worked for them as a nation wide Sales Representative before moving on to set up the graphics division of  Datateam Business Media in 2006. This is where I am today practicing in exhibition and signage design, production and installation.

Let me help you

I want to help people with informed choices on products that are available in the market place which offer the best value and availability. I will be looking at the latest market innovations as well as trying to bring information on news and events from around the UK.

I would love to hear the opinions of other cyclists from around the UK and I welcome any Track and information reviews from anyone who wants to send info.

info@getonyourbikes.com I look forward to hearing from you.

If you want me to look at a specific product or get information on anything from the cycling industry then please let me know.


My Goal

I do a lot of research in to any product I buy. I want a good reliable product that is value for money. Sometimes this does not mean buying the best Cycle or Bike accessory on the market. I have used online suppliers for products as well as the expertise of the local stores.

I will bring informed information and reviews on products that I feel or value and quality within the cycle industry in the UK. I hope it all helps improve your cycling experience in some way.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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