Any Helmet Is Better Than None

Lixada Helmet

I have written many reviews of products on the cutting edge of helmet technology and these things are great you can read my reviews on Koroyd Technology or Wavecel and it is all very interesting. Of course, you will need £100 plus if you wish to partake in the latest cycle helmet technology. This leads me to ask this question. Is any helmet better than none.


The answer is a very loud and very resounding YES! Here is some basic science for you.

The Human Skull is Soft when it hits rocks at over 15 mph (Or under in fact). Now cheap helmets are often throw away helmets. 1 bang and they are gone. I would always recommend getting the best helmet you can afford. That is the key word AFFORD.

I always wear a helmet as I do not want to get hurt on the trail

As of February 2020 there is no UK law which makes it compulsory to wear a helmet and it can be argued that cycle helmets do not protect your head in a collision with another vehicle. Personally I wear one so that my head is protected in a fall or from tree branches on the trail.

I am now going to pick a cheap helmet from amazon and point out my tips for a decent cheap helmet.

Cheap Helmet

This is the Lixada Mountain bike helmet and it cost £23.99 from Amazon.

This is a cheap helmet and it is a pretty good specification for the money that is being asked. In my book this helmet will protect your head if you fall or crash on the trail. OK it is not the latest technology and it does not evenly distribute the impact out across the area but, it adds protection for your head.

It will protect you if a branch stick out or if something hits you. On top of this it may even protect you if you are hit by a vehicle.

Lixeda helmetI have chosen this helmet for a few reasons

  • It looks like a quality helmet: Never underestimate the street credibility of a helmet. If it looks bad then kids won’t wear it.
  • It conforms to the standards detailed below.
  • It has a twist lock mechanism which means it will fit correctly and you can adjust the fit with one hand.
  • The shell of the helmet comes down and protects the back of the head.

Lixada helmet


From looking at the customer reviews on amazon this helmet comes out well. The only complaint is that it is big and this is to protect your head. The latest technology helmets are smaller but, they are 6 times the price. If you are working on a budget but you still want protection then I would say this is a good investment.

Below is the current detail regarding helmet protection.


All bicycle helmets sold in the UK have to conform to safety standards testing criteria.

The standards highlighted in this article specify requirements and test methods for helmets worn by cyclists, which cover:

  • Construction – the helmet should absorb impact and stay on your head during impact. It should also be light, ventilated, easy to remove, and you should be able to wear it with glasses. Additionally, it must not harm you in the event of a crash.
  • Materials – the helmet must be made of materials that don’t react with sweat, skin or substances commonly found in cosmetic products.
  • Field of vision – the helmet must permit reasonable visibility when in use.
  • Shock absorption qualities – the helmet must protect all sides of your head in the event of an impact.
  • Effectiveness of chin strap and fastening devices – the strap must not break from the impact.

Within this, helmets of each size are subject to impacts at various speeds against various surfaces to gauge the level of protection they afford. Similarly, the effectiveness of fastening devices is assessed with a roll-off test, which sharply tugs the helmet forward to ensure it’ll stay on your head if you crash.

All of these tests are then conducted in different conditions – hot, cold, wet and after artificial aging of the helmet.

European Standards – EN 1078 / EN 1080

The British Standards Institution (BSI) adopted Europe’s General Product Safety Regulations (GPSR) in 2005. The GPSR standard for bike helmets is EN 1078, and the BSI standard is BS EN 1078.

BS EN 1078 is the most common standard helmets in the UK comply with and is typically advertised somewhere on the packaging, identifiable by one or both of the following symbols:

cycle helmet safety standards

A related standard, BS EN 1080, was created in 2013 for helmets worn by young children. It is an amended version of BS EN 1078 that integrates testing for a quick-release system, due to the risk of strangulation caused by fastening mechanisms.

In Conclusion

This helmet is well-made and provides decent protection for your head. It has many of the features of the more expensive helmets but it will not set you back a lot of money. I really believe that any helmet is better than no helmet if you are going out on the trails. At the end of the day it is down to you whether you wear a helmet but, do not assume that decent safety is out of reach of most riders.

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