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Blaze Wavecel MTB

The advancements in MTB cycle have led to more speed and bigger tricks. We now have such fantastic machines that we can trust to do extraordinary things and this means we need better protection. The Blaze MTB Helmet with WaveCel technology represent a significant advancement in helmet safety.

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This technology is purely a Bontrager developed product and is only available in the official WaveCel helmet series and it is only distributed through official Trek and Bontrager suppliers.


Standard foam bike helmets help to protect against direct impact. WaveCel is different because it is designed to cope with real world crashes. The WaveCel technology actually distributes the collision impact through use of its collapsible cells.

A Major Move Forward in the Cycling Helmet protection

When you’re riding serious trails, you need serious protection. Bontrager Blaze WaveCel offers the best in performance and protection on any trail, from flowy singletrack to gnarly downhills. It’s built for style, comfort and performance, and equipped with the industry’s best safety tech for whatever trails you roam.

WaveCel is a collapsible cellular structure that lines the inside of the helmet. This Bontrager-exclusive technology disrupts the safety standards that the industry has accepted for over 30 years.

BOA Fit system

The Boa Dial Fit System

The Blaze comes with the BOA fit system which enables precision fitting at the turn of a dial. The best kind of helmet is one that offers superior comfort as well as protection. The BOA system ensures a perfect fit.

Fidlock Magnetic Buckle

Fidlock is a revolutionary Snap button technology incorporating strong magnets which, can be opened with ease using one hand. 2 fixing technologies make sure the helmet stays fixed at all times using the combination of magnetic force and snap fit technology. This helmet will be staying on in the event of an incident.

Front Blendr Mount for Action Cameras

The blaze is equipped and ready to use the Blendr Mount for Action Cameras, Lights, Computers and other accessories. Blendr helmet Mount

Product details

  1. WaveCel advanced helmet technology
  2. The Boa® System lets you easily secure and adjust helmet fit with just one hand
  3. Fidlock magnetic buckle fastens effortlessly for a quick, secure fit
  4. The front Blendr mount system easily integrates GoPro camera and Bontrager light accessories
  5. Additional NoSweat pad with silicone channel keeps sweat out of eyes for constant clarity
  6. Drop-in coverage on back of helmet offers extended protection
  7. The Crash Replacement Guarantee provides a free helmet replacement if involved in a crash within the first year of ownership

Amazing Crash Replacement Guarantee

The crash replacement Guarantee means Bontrager will provide you with a replacement helmet if it is involved in a crash within the first year of ownership. Simply contact your local retailer with an original sales receipt, details of the crash and a return address for the replacement.

This is an amazing offer because most MTB people crash on a regular basis. There is a pretty high chance of damaging the helmet withing the first year. I can only assume that this is for a market research project.

In Conclusion

This is a pretty big advancement in cycle helmet safety. Some industry magazines are calling WaveCel technology the biggest advancement in cycle helmet technology for over 30 years. This is a very bold claim but, it is not made in jest. The WaveCel technology received a 5 star rating in Virginia Tech’s safety rating system. What’s more the same rating was awarded for the whole range of WaveCel helmets. The Boa fit system ensures that the helmet will stay in place and has a good fit to your head while the Fidlock fastening system offers enhanced protection and ease of use. If you are the kind of rider that likes to record your Epic Journey then the Blendr mount technology with make sure your camera is safe and in pride of place when you are flying down the trails.

I have no problem recommending the Blaze for all sorts of MTB riding. Check out the Rutland Cycling website for some cracking deals

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