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A friend of mine has just bought a Buddyrider for her e bike. She has a small dog who loves to go for a ride and after looking everywhere she found Buddy rider. One of the major problems with taking your pooch out on the bike is balance. A lot of transportation is based upon handlebar baskets or body mounted carriers.

This often makes for an unstable and unsafe ride as either your position is wrong or the movement of the pet on the handle bars causes instability.

This is where the Buddyrider seems light years ahead of the market. It is a very simple design that clamps to the seat post and as long as you bike has enough distance between seat and handlebar then, the Buddyrider will fit. Please check size with the retailer before purchase.

For owners with smaller dogs there is a booster seat option which can be purchased separately.Buddyrider booster

The Seat

The seat itself is made from a very high grade plastic and it is designed to hold the dog securely while you ride. Opening the box you can feel that the product is well-built as it has a good weight in your hand. All the plastic is very thick and looks like it could take quite a hard knock. There is a 4 point harness strap attached and the Buddyrider is supplied with a collar that takes all 4 straps which will mean that your pooch is kept secure in the seat and according to the manufacturer website you can also use your own harness. The metal support bar which goes to the seat post is thick and strong with a good quality fitting. There is a secure pin to enable quick release of the unit when it needs to be removed, the pin is very strong and can support much more weight than is needed. It takes a few minutes to assemble the Buddyrider and about 15 minutes to fit to the bike which is great and is both easy to install and easy to remove when not in use.

Buddy rider                

What is the Buddyridder

The Buddyrider™ is a bicycle pet seat which is attached to the bike seat and mounted over the centre of the bike, making handling virtually problem free. Designed for small dogs of up to 13kgs it’s a great way to transport your pet and take your best friend for a ride.’buddyrider with dog

‘The Buddyrider™ pet seat provides comfort and safety for your pet. The buddy rider pet seat is mounted to the bike seat allowing your pet to sit comfortably strapped in and ready to go. The seat is designed to fit almost any modern adult bike, measuring at least 48 cm between the seat post and the handle bars. A centre mounted seats give more stability to the rider as the extra weight is positioned over the centre of the bike.

The first buddy rider prototype was designed over 20 years go consisting of a bike seat attached to the cross bar which was used for children and later the seat was replaced with a plastic bucket to hold the family pet. If you have a stubborn pet who can’t make it out of the drive way or you want to enjoy the outdoors with your best friend then the buddy rider is a must.


In Conclusion

The Buddyrider seems to be a great bit of kit. It is a high quality transportation item which has your dogs safety in mind. If you are one of those people who like to take your dog out on a long ride then this carrier could be just what you are looking for.

There is no doubt that this is a great quality product but, it comes with a higher price tag and once, the popularity builds we should start seeing a drop in price.


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