Endura MT 500 Koroyd Technology

Endura MT500

If you are looking for a good quality helmet with cutting edge safety then the Endura MT500 with Koroyd Technology is one for you.Endura MT500

The Endura MT500 is a premium MTB helmet with exceptional safety, comfort and airflow. The design is on point and I like the way it sits on your head. I prefer a Helmet with the dial fit that covers the back of my head. The Endura MT500 ticks all of my boxes for safety.

Top Features

  • High Performance With wide adjustment visor
  • Integrated Koroyd technology
  • Clip on Accessory Mount
  • Large Vents and air intake zone for increased breath ability
  • Fully goggle compatible with rear strap clip
  • Front eye wear dock
  • One hand adjust and fit system
  • Antibacterial wicking padding

Technically Advanced Protection

Boasting one of the most technically advanced protection systems on the market, the Koroyd-packed Endura MT500 Helmet is the key to full-blooded confidence to tackle every gnarly route with style and speed. As well as keeping your head safe in  a collision, the MT500 does a great job of cooling as you ride, keeping sweat-wicking airflow constant, arranging air to give you the most aerodynamic experience possible at the same time. The perfect fit is delivered every time too, with the help of the dead simple micro-adjustment system at the back that, quite literally, lets you dial in to where is most effective and comfortable. Elsewhere, the helmet is fully compatible with goggles thanks to the rear strap clip, padding features a refreshing antibacterial finish and you can add extra accessories with ease.

Koroyd HelmetKoroyd

Koroyd is an advanced safety technology that is being used in many cycling and safety products. Tens of thousands of co-polymer extruded tubes, thermally welded to create an unparalleled consistent and fully engineered core, ready to be cut, shaped, cnc machined, thermoformed or laminated and further integrated into the best sport and protection products that give you the edge. The cores plastically deform for higher speed impacts, absorbing energy linearly. Up to 84% of the material thickness can be utilised in case of an accident. Existing energy absorbers densify around 60%.

All of this is packed into an impressively lightweight package. You’ll barely feel that the MT500 is there but, if you crash, you’ll be glad it is.

Read about Koroyd HERE

In Conclusion

The MT 500 is an advanced helmet using the latest safety technology. This is the kind of helmet you need if you are pretty serious out on the trails. You WILL fall off or crash because crashing goes hand in hand with extreme riding. It is great to think that in a crash, you will have the best protection available where it counts. I love the look and feel of this helmet and it does not look out of place at all.


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