Idealfit – Everything a woman needs for fitness

Idealfit are a specialist company that supply everything a woman needs for fitness. There is a lot of information on their website detailing everything they can do for you.

Everything is there from fitness clothing, diet plans, specialist supplements and general fitness information. Pop on over to their blog and get the latest information on news, recipes, fitness and nutrition.

Empowering Women

Idealfit believe that the fitness industry is filled with false information and social norms that women feel pressure to live up to and they want to eliminate this and empower women!

they Believe:

  • Women should nourish themselves from within with the best quality nutrition
  • Females should support each other to love fitness
  • Sports nutrition specifically for women needs to be developed

Celebrating Women in Fitness

Idealfit believe that by creating a strong fitness community of females from all different passions and journeys is key to female fitness empowerment.

Fitness is a personal journey and everybody has their own goals in mind.

Instead of comparing there selves against other Women on social media they believe in being your own ideal with your own journey to happiness.

Idealfit have teamed up with ambassadors & fitness professionals Karina Elle & Lindsay Matthews to offer online training & nutrition plans to keep you inspired.

Idealfit understand that each and every customer really makes a difference to the brand identity.

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