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When we look at the elements of cycling safety and protection, there have been some amazing advancements Like WaveCel technology. Another amazing innovative design is Koroyd Technology which has been incorporated in many areas of cycle safety including helmets and body armour.

What is Koroyd Technology?

To put in simple terms, Koroyd Technology is made up of thousands of collapsable co-polymer tubes which are thermally welded together to make a fully engineered core. Koroyd is used in so many products including Industrial protection, Cycling safety, Child seats and action equipment.

For the sake of my website I am looking at cycle related products.

Production Process

First, the co-polymer raw materials are loaded into a special extrusion line which individually extrudes each tube at speed to create the perfect form.

The individual tubes are then collected by hand, and thousands are stacked together in large blocks ready for the next stage.

The blocks of tubes then go to a large oven. Without using any glues, the heat of the oven initiates the welding.

There are two layers in the wall of each tube – each tube’s outer layer is thermally welded to its neighboring tubes (of which there are six).

There are some significant benefits to this production process.

Strong Connection

The thermal weld is strong and does not require the use of glues or adhesives.

Energy Absorption

The strong connection increases Koroyd’s energy absorption through plastic deformation.

No Weak Points

Koroyd is consistently strong across entire sheets ensuring maximum performance during impact.

Light and Breathable

Because the sheets are made from the worlds thinnest walled tubes and open cell structure, Koroyd is very light and has great breath ability.

Engineered for Bespoke Needs

Koroyd can be tailored to specific engineering requirements, this has made it ideal technology for the cycling market due to these points.

  1. Tube size
  2. Tube density
  3. Tube angle
  4. Base polymer
  5. Core thickness
  6. Core coverage and placement
  7. 3D geometry
  8. Core colour

By altering the variables Koroyd can become a custom engineered product. Every application is carefully engineered and integrated to provide various performance advantages. This versatility allows Koroyd to be designed and developed to provide advanced impact protection for a diverse range of markets and products from sports equipment to industrial protection and in-vehicle child seats.

Performance advantages


Koroyd’s welded tubes crumple instantly and consistently on impact, absorbing maximum force in a controlled manner, minimising energy transferred to your head.


This unique behavior helps to protect your skull and brain from direct and angled impacts which may reduce the risk of suffering a life-changing injury.


Air flows consistently through the open-cells, whilst hot air from your head can easily escape, ensuring more efficient cooling in the most intense conditions.


Koroyd features the world’s thinnest walled tubes, resulting in a structure which is 95% air. This reduces weight and enhances comfort without compromising on safety.

Koroyd Technology Absorbs More energy through a process known as Plastic Deformation

The Welded tubes Crumple on impact, absorbing maximum force and transferring the energy from your head.


Traditional energy absorbers (like foams) act like a spring, storing the energy from an impact and releasing it over a micro-moment of time. Due to this, more energy could be transferred to the head, increasing the risk of injury.

When Koroyd is impacted, energy is better-absorbed through sacrificial plastic deformation (as seen in this video). The material acts as a true energy absorber (rather than a spring), controlling and dissipating a larger amount of energy before it’s transferred to the head.

The result? A far more advanced structure to help reduce the risk of suffering a life-changing injury.


Traditional helmet materials solidify when around 60% of the material is compressed, therefore reducing the thickness of the liner that can be utilised to absorb energy which can result in more forces being transferred to the head and brain.

Koroyd can absorb energy using up to 84% of the material’s thickness.

As more energy can be absorbed in a more controlled and consistent manner, the risk of injury may be reduced.

Koroyd Technology


When tested against all other helmet technologies, Koroyd is scientifically proven to absorb the most direct force (linear energy) regardless of the impact type (direct or angled).

Direct Impact


Basic physics – by absorbing the maximum amount of force from all impact types, Koroyd is also able to reduce the rotating motion which your brain could endure as a result of an angled impact.

Rotational Force

In Conclusion

yet again the scientific community has stepped up and made advancements in safety technology. Koroyd is one of the best safety features to be introduced in recent years. The flexibility of use is amazing as it can be engineered for so many safety aspects. Of course if you get a hard enough bash you are going to have to get rid of the helmet but, you should be doing this after impacts anyway. The Koroyd equipment does represent a significant investment in your safety but, it does have the power to save your life.

Safety on a bike should never be the last consideration. If you are investing thousands in your bike then a couple of hundred pounds for safety equipment is really a drop in the ocean. With the increased performance of both cycle and rider comes the increased risk due to faster and more technical riding. My discipline is Mountain Biking and I can tell you firsthand that trees are not very forgiving when you hit them. As a road rider you are reaching some extreme speeds on Tarmac and not only do you have the risk of hitting the Tarmac but you also have traffic to deal with.

Koroyd Products

Each of the products below are manufactured using the Koroyd Technology. If you are interested in finding out more information or purchasing any Koroyd products then please feel free to click the images and follow through to the Wiggle website. Wiggle carry a whole range of Koroyd Products.

Smith Network Road HelmetEndura Pro Road helmet

Endura Mt500Smiths Session

Six Six One ArmourMT 500 Koroyd backpack

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  1. Wow…i must say you have done an exceptional job on this article as it is very interesting and informative too and I know it would help help us all.i have using very low standard helmets Because I never knew something so sofisticated exist thanks for sharing I would dive in and study more about the koroyd technology as I think it’s a gift to mankind

    • This Technology is amazing. Falling is part of Mountain Biking. As bikes get faster and tracks get more extreme the risk becomes more serious. It is great to see companies investing in Safety. Thanks for comments.

  2. I have never heard of Koroyd technology before, thank you for enlightening me about this. It was very difficult for me to understand this information but the video you have provided has given me a better idea about this whole thing. From your article, I can deduce that Koroyd technology is extremely efficient in providing you safety because the products based on this tech can handle high-intensity impacts.

    Wow, I never knew so much of the science is used to create products like helmets in order to ensure our safety, I was wondering how I will be able to detect Koroyd products but then I found the links you have provided.

    • There have been some major moves in safety equipment over the last couple of years. Koroyd is Just one of these. I have always used quality Helmets as I mountain Bike and often fall but, this is a whole new level of safety. Thanks for your Comments.

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