The Ultimate MTB Upgrade

I have spent many years upgrading a swapping bikes. If you can shave that little bit of weight here or there then, you will go faster. Wow what and amazing fact but it is also a load of old rubbish for the average guy like me. If you are looking for the ultimate upgrade for your MTB then you should probably start in the bathroom. If you want to shed weight and fine tune any piece of your kit then, look in the mirror. You my friend are the ultimate MTB Upgrade.


The whole point for most of us when it comes to Mountain biking is. Get Fit, Get Strong and Have FUN. There is an old saying about MTB and it is. It does not matter how fast you are because, you are still going faster than the sofa. Fitness, Strength and conditioning will come with practice and exercise.

We may never be professional

I am a middle-aged fat guy and I am never going to be a professional but, this does not stop me from getting as fit as my body will allow. MTB is fun so concentrate more on your own experience and do not worry about the next guy.


There is a very strong argument for adding some strength and muscle to yourself for MTB. If you are fitter and stronger than, you will get better performance. Obviously this is no big surprise as fitness will help you in every aspect of your life.

I would recommend that if you are enjoying MTB at any level then, you should give weight training a try. The stronger you become, the more explosive you will become. You need strength to push hard in to the corners and then more strength to handle the forces coming out of the other side. You also need to be able to pump the bike to gain more speed over the rough terrain. The extra strength will help you deal with the shock through the front end when hitting the trails. Extra strength also means extra balance and the ability to shift your weight on the bike which, will help you overcome obstacles.

The obvious answer

The obvious answer to gaining strength and fitness when mountain biking is to “Get On Your Bike” and for most of us this is enough. Of course if you want to get to another level of riding then there is a tonne of gym equipment out there for you to get you head around.

I work with companies like UK Sports Imports so I will show a couple of products here for you. Check out the Website for good quality and value home gym equipment.

Iron Man 409b


I have chosen this bit of equipment because I think it is a great solution. If you have room for a Multi Gym then this model represents value and quality. I spent a few years boxing so, the addition of a punch bag is a bonus to me. I believe that the punch bag is one of the best strength and conditioning exercise available.

The Iron Man ES409B multi-gym comes complete with a hanging punching bag that is connected at both the top and the bottom this reduces excessive swinging of the punching bag making it easier, more effective and safer to use.

The gym has the standard seated stations but also a dip / leg raise stand, curved sit-up bench and the impressive punch bag station.

Utilizing an impressive 65kg shrouded weight stack many effective exercises can be performed.

There are also a further two 1.5Kg weights supplied that can be stored under the sit up bench

The punching bag will come empty – fill with old clothes for a light soft bag or sand for a heavier harder bag

  • Butterfly/Shoulder Press – targets triceps and pecs
  • Leg Curl/Thigh Extension – targets calves & thighs
  • Curved Sit-Up bench – targets all major core muscles
  • Arm Curl Pad – targets – targets the biceps and triceps
  • Dip Stand – targets – chest, shoulders and triceps muscles
  • Lateral Pull Down – targets triceps, shoulders, pecs & obliques
  • Upright row Station – targets the major back muscles
  • Punch bag station

Iron Man 409bAs you can see, this piece of equipment has just about everything you need for that all over workout. This of course comes with a price tag. Although at £499 I think it is well worth the Money.

Get it HERE

Of course if this is beyond your price or space requirements then there are loads of other options available. Just check out their website for details.



In Conclusion

If you want to enhance your MTB experience then get out there and start riding but if you want to up your game then do some strength and conditioning to give yourelf that extra power. There is so much equipment out there in the world. Whay not give it a go.

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